Welcome Home, Jackson!!

Many of us had a great time at Kirk and Jess’s on Saturday to welcome him Jackson – officially!!  Simply a wonderful time watching this family grow and become complete.  Jackson looked like he was having a blast with all of the kids from the neighborhoods…that said…what’s with all of the kids in the neighborhood???  Looked to me like a Styx/Young family gathering from many decades ago with all of those little feet running around!

Jackson looked like he was having the most fun running juice boxes from one cooler and slam dunking them into another.  The delight he is feeling with his forever family was plain as day!


Dad’s 60th Birthday Tribute

Father’s day 2011 – time to crack out the old video from Dad’s 60th birthday back in 1991…Enjoy!!


“Still” : Thinking on Mom, Aunt Marilyn and all Mom’s in the family!

Just a good post with great video from David to share again on Mothers Day 2011

Thanks again, David – for putting together another terrffic video motage of pictures from oh so long ago!! These are priceless and will live on for one heck of a long time!!

Thoughts go back to visiting with Nana and Papa every Christmas (I LOVED turning onto Gregory Street – not sure why! 😉  David brought up in a recent email the countless times we would smuggle cousin Teddy in the back of the station wagon trying to take him home with us. All of those pool games in the basement with all the knick-knacks Papa had down there.  The Christmas tree with the “boiling” lights.  Dad wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas to all the listeners on WGN on year.  And Aunt Marilyn contributing to the warmth in that wonderful house (on Meade, right?… Mellville??…oooh – just remembered Melvina!

We siblings need to get together again soon while we’re still standing!

Solder Field goes nuts for 2 minutes!

Pot Luck and Danielle and DJ’s – January 2011

1st Annual Young Pot Luck Dinner
Saturday January 15th 2011
Everyone was invited to bring a dish to pass and their ice skates to wear in hopes to skate in the backyard on Yurik’s Homemade Rink! Although the rink was a dud the day was definitely not! We had a back up plan to skate at the Roselle Park District Turner Pond, and everyone had a blast. Only a few bums bit the ice – not to name names!!! Cough(Dad-(John)(Kirk)(Leah)(Kathy)) cough!! Gracie and Brooke hung on tight to their Mom and Dad and enjoyed the ride! Aunt Kathy did a great job out on the ice and the boys enjoyed shooting the puck around with Brandon too!
Dinner back at the house was wonderful time for the cousins to play and share toys! Hide and go seek was too cute, big kids helping the little kids and when the adults get involved no one can find anyone!!! So nice to see family and can’t wait till next year.

Bears Game – NFC Championship 2011

Hoping to get some pics in the next week or so from Danielle’s pot luck and ice skating.  Had a great time playing some pond hockey and visiting with family.

In the meantime, here are some pictures of the Bears game Ryan and I were able to attend…thanks to a nice surprise from Crystal! What a blast of a time we had – even though it was flippin’ freezing!!!

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