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       Here is some information from Peggy on where Rachel is going to school. Let’s make some comments just for Rachel – if that is ok with you Peggy!! Let us know in a comment,, then you can share the address with her if you would like! 🙂   🙂


Actually, HERE is the link for the camp (not dishmail!!!)
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Rachel started at Nicolet Bible Institute yesterday, a year long accredited college program at the Christian camp she has been going to every summer since third grade in White Lake Wisconsin. 
Here is the web sites if you are interested in seeing what she will be doing for the next year:
She would LOVE to receive mail, packages (her favorite), email and/or phone calls from family if you have a few moments some time.  Her birthday is 09/16.  Her phone is 708-227-4654, her regular email is firefly91689@aol.com, plus she has a school one, but I don’t know what that is yet.  I’m not sure if she checks her AOL one very often or if at all.
Her address is:
Nicolet Bible Institute
c/o Silver Birch Ranch
N6120 Sawyer Lake Rd
White Lake, WI 54491
She also has a face book account, search for Rachel Peterson I think or her email address above.  
Love to you all!!