Hi family,
 The chigger party was a blast!!!!!! Our cousins, Don and Pat Styx and Michael Abraham and daughter Jennifer came our for a few hours and we caught up on their goings on. Aunt Jean is still going to her land in Wisconsin with our 2nd cousin Sean(don and pat’s oldest son) to be with her hunting gang that she and uncle Joe spent lots of time with in prior years. Don demonstrates caterpillar machinery to the new buyers. Michael (Aunt Marilyn’s oldest boy) is in some kind of credit management and he does canoeing marathons among other very healthy things. He  bikes and twice a week he plays basketball for an hour before work and regularly swims! I should get healthy; maybe i’m inspired…. wait……..wait…..wait…. ok….. nope, I’m not, butt it sounds good.
There was a lot of food that got gobbled down thoroughly, the yards were perfect for ghosts and coyotes in the forest for the kids with flashlights and of course the bonfire was a spectacular sight to see! It was reported that one train even blew his horn for the happy pyromaniac revelers! Peg and ern were there with outstretched arms for friends family and friends of family too!!! The hayride was a blast for all the children and their parents too !!! We ate and ate and ate and then cooked some more someores and then it was time for Me alyssa chris and Jim and Jimmy’s friends Paula and Wayne and their parents to go to the hotel and go swimming and hottubbing. All my offspring and friends were snoring by 11pm. Peggy has Michael Abrahams and Don Styx’s email address; we should all try to see our familys more often it is worth the extra effort but waukegan is 4 hours from me now. We do live near the central illinois airport maybe we should fly!!!
Thanks Peg and Ern for another awesome excellent one of a kind party where you can see the fire for miles and miles!!!
 Ps.the weather was fantastic we vote for early chigger party!!!
Here are some pictures!!!
And Peggy wrote:
The bonfire was another great time this year, especially with all the family that could make it!!  Thanks to Theresa, Michael’s sister for inviting us local Lex & Sheila Young’s family to his house when she and her kids were in town a month or so ago.  That started our recent reconnection!!  I made it to Michael’s and it was/is so wonderful to see relatives (cousins, aunts, uncles and their families ARE very special!!), especially ones we haven’t seen for so many years.
Please reply to all with additional email addresses if possible and/or forward to additional family.
Praying this will be a start of an awesome reconnection amongst all the cousins, aunts, uncles and extended families.  We truly are blessed to be part of such a large family.  As I get older, I value all family connections even more as time goes on.
David Young, who is in California, is visiting his archives and pulling out little video clips and pictures that he has begun to share.  Attached is a clip of some family at his & Nancy’s wedding reception held at our house (Peg (Young) & Ern Peterson’s) place in Monee, IL. many years ago.  (David what’s the year?).  Also is an awesome picture of Grandpa Young (Lex Young Sr.) and some of his kids & spouses.
We (Peg & Ernie) still have an annual family bonfire party every October.  Hopefully we can get more family and extended family to start coming each year.  We set the date usually in January, so will distribute as early as we can to all who might be in the area at the time.
Following are some email addresses.  Please SHARE with additional family, and have them send us all their email and contact information if they’d like to.   (email addresses not included for privacy – if you think we should post them all, let me know in “comments”)
David/Gregg – please share links to your family web pages/blogs if you’d like.  Maybe start a new one for the descendants of Alexis Peter Young, Sr.?  Just a thought.  Pictures are always a joy to share, especially of early times, along with memories.  We should have some pictures of the bonfire this year to share soon.
Love to all, Peg (Young) Peterson
…and some video from David and Nancy’s wedding reception at Peggy and Ernie’s home – looks so much like a bonfire event!!  We evidently needed the Styx men to let us know the Pig we were roasting wasn’t cooking ’cause it was wrapped in tinfoil. All turned out well though!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUzmk2QoPS8