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Hello Sibs!

I was watching America ‘s test kitchen or something and they compared frying pans. I got to thinking about Dad seasoning the big (very big, my mini wrists had a hard time washing the darn thing) cast iron fry pan or skillet or whatever it was called. After the dinner dishes were done I think we all in our time had to season the iron pan by heating it real hot and then rubbing some oil into it. Now I understand that that helped the skillet become non stick!


Anyways, I started thinking about the cookware we grew up with. How about the griddle? I cooked more burgers and grilled cheeses and pancakes and eggs and french toast back then when I had my turn as the cook. I remember when the pans and pots had shiny copper bottoms. Must have been new. My first question is this: Does anyone know exactly the recipe Dad made goulash with? I use hamburger, onions,(but I thought Dad didn’t like onions?) stewed tomatoes and tomato paste and a little ketchup. Lots of pepper! What other signature dishes did Mom and Dad feed us that anyone remembers? Dad sure loved his hamburgers with garden fresh tomatoes(I liked the tomatoes anyways!) and August-fresh corn on the cob w ith the butter bread heel of course! Hot dogs and beans, Lettuce with “Thousand” (ketchup and mayo). Wow the memories flood back when I see the kitchen and here comes Duchess sauntering her big butt aroung the bookshelf into the kitchen by the pantry. Did she also sleep under that table we all sat on for haircuts?

 We also had the coolest attic. Looking out that little window to the park and pool and just checkin out all the cool stuff in the attic. Couldn’t tell you today what was cool- probly the pictures in the orange box and other boxes. I would like to put together a family cookbook. Will everybody send their favorite recipes that they want to share with each of us? I’m thinking Peggy’s beef and barley bake, I’ll submit the various dishes I do, what does your family love to eat at your house? Ask your spouses and children; I’ll bet everyone wants to participate! we have all categories from appetizers to desserts!. I’ll start compiling my favs tonight! I want to publish it for all of us by spring! Happy recipes!



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 I’m pretty sure we didn’t put onions in the goulash, at least that I remember. Peg did a lot a of the cooking; she might know. How about cream of mushroom soup, tuna and peas over toast – now that’s a meal I always looked forward to (HAH!) yet i was always so hungry that the first serving slid down my gullet before I realized how nasty it was. Remember swiss steak? Pounding the life out of the piece of meat with that steel sledgehammer in order to chew and swallow that cheap cut of beef. Chicken dinners on sunday, you never saw a bird so clean after we got done with it. “Get the potatoes on!” peel, peel, peel . . . did any of you eat the potatoe peels? Yum, that starchy goodness. The windows in the kitchen would steam up in the winter from boiling potatoes.Did anyone ever eat watermelon til your stomach would burst? I remember lying face down on my bed, testing to see if I was as full and hurt ing as I needed to be. Breakfast: if there was anything worse that Ralston Purina I dare you to think of it! I had to sit there as it slowly congealed into a jellied mess while he insisted on my finishing it. And no amount of sugar could disguise the grainy, pebbley texture. Sitting at the table, each of us trying to hog the cereal boxes to read. What exactly was so mesmerizing that it kept us occupied the entire breakfast?


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 Forgot to add Amber – she has some wonderful recipes!!


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My siblings are so awesome with memories and with sharing them!!  Talk about time travel back!!  Loving it!

 I don’t have the chicken barley bake recipe anymore (not beef barley bake I don’t think), I think mom said she might have it.  It was in one of those magazine type recipe books.  I’ve searched online for it, with no success so far.  I might just have to come up with one from memory and testing.


How about sloppy joes on mashed potatoes!!  I think canned corn and peas were staples, I hate canned vegetables now, love the frozen or fresh.  I also have fond memories of the potatoes boiling away on the stove, steaming up the windows and smelling delicious (covering other less savory smells I am sure!!).

Remember chicken chow mien that came in a big can with a little can attached to it on top, and we had it on crunchy Chinese noodles?  I saw that at the store the other day and memories came rushing back.  Don’t think I ever want to try that again for some odd reason.  Did we even know there existed take out Chinese food back in those days?  Did Elmhurst even embrace such an idea?

I had totally forgotten about swiss steak – I now have a meat mallet from Jessica’s pampered chef party, maybe I’ll need to give it a try on recreating that one. 

How about fried Spam slices!!!  OH MY!!!  I think we used it to make a Spam and potato casserole (instead of ham).  Grilled cheese and tomato soup?

I remember the night Duchess passed away.  We all knew she was dying, I think she had cancer?  Anyway, the night before the morning she passed, I slept with her under the kitchen table and she was with me all night until the wee hours of the morning.  I think she waited until I left, then let go.  She was an awesome dog!!!  DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY PICTURES OF DUCHESS?!?

Both Amber and Jessica have I hope proudly inherited the titles of Top Chefs in our little circle of immediate family.  They both have some awesome recipes that they have made and shared, plus they like to get recipes and make new ones that are wonderful.  Mark and Kirk are master grill meisters, so me as Neena is gladly taking a step back and helping to stir and serve as I recently told Mark.

Family is such a blessing!!  Please, keep it coming!!!

Love to ALL, Peg   🙂

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Crystal and I went to see Marley and Me on Thursday, and both of us were blubbering idiots… I thought about Duchess the entire time – including the morning Dad came in and told Lex and I that she had died (“boys, we lost a good friend last night” – then laying there in bed sobbing. What an awesome dog she was! Hope someone has pictures!!




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 fried bolgna!




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Fried egg sandwiches to take to school for breakfast, which we ate after going to mass and communion.


Mom’s cucumber salad/compote (onions, lemon juice, vinegar, sugar, cucumbers?).


T-bone steaks after hiking 5 miles to Graue mill, with dad and his sore feet.


The day old wonder bread store, dolly madison cakes.


Getting half a cow for the downstairs freezer and a boatload of popsicles.


Hamburgers for 15 cents and cheeseburgers for 18 cents at mc’donalds.


Left over shrimp butts and cold french fries delivered from Pizza Palace.  I still enjoy cold fries as long as there’s plenty of ketchup. 


Black cows and popcorn while watching/listening to the blackhawks with play by play by Lloyd Petitt.


Spaghetti with tomato soup.


Fish sticks.


Peggy’s SPAM casserole.


Real hash (dad would chop up the meat and mix it with potatoes and onions).


Devil’s food cookies above the stove.


Cream of wheat, oatmeal.


Mom was there when the city came to take away duchess.  All those years I thought her name was dutches.  Best dog ever.  Only bit one person, me, I deserved it.  She scared the crap out of greg fiske when he came nosing around our high-rise in the apple tree.  Dad took her with him on his confrontation with Diaz and his mutants.


I came home from school, didn’t know how sick she was, I yelled at her to go to the other room, she did, I went back to school, she died.  What a jerk.  I’ll never learn.









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I , too remember Dad coming into Peggy and my room and telling us that dutches had died. The next morning me greg and lex went outside to look at her on that slab of concrete outside the back door. I think we went and prayed at 8am mass before school. It was in the cold weather, I think. I kept thinking she would just get back up again and be alive but her eyes had that distant, dead, look. She had been sick for s long time. She kept bleeding everywhere. The Raymonds thought it wwas hysterical that I would put underpants on her.


Oh Yeah Dad’s hash. I can taster it now! SHRIMP BUTTS AND COLD FRIES, i AM DYING RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW. !!!I too would wait for mom to pitch her shrimp basket so I could scavenge! Papa Burgers? Baby burgers? A&W drive in when Dad was out of town!!! (tuna and cream of mushroom on toast? Loved it!) I make her cucumber salad every summer and eat it up in one day! How about Puffed Rice and its sister Puffed Wheat! Cream of snot and cheerios with two TABLESPOONS of sugar, thanks. Bologny and mayo on white with a carton of milk thats what youngs are made of…


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ok here’s less sad dutches: When we would come home from Nana’s and Papa’s and she would be worked up into a lathered frenzy waiting for Dad to put the key in that old fashioned lock and let us in. Then “Go on and go”  and she would. Or she would sit on the stoop and wag her tail at everyone who walked by on their way to the pool. I remember that she was a very colorful dog as most collie/shephard mixers are. She had white paws and forearms and she had light brown dark brown and tan hair, even some black I think. I see her milky brown? eyes half open and her tail is waggin when you would first wake her up. She was such a joy for all of us, especially Dad.


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>Peg-I found Duchess I came in really late from a date. I went and got mom and we (dad, me and mom?) carried her down the back stairs on one of those Indian print blankets.


Wow, the memories you guys have sparked to life are INCREDIBLE!  I totally
forgot about the attic and the little window, all the great meals, Duchess,
(remember Rusty?)  Thanks for being my Brothers and Sisters – I’m truly
thankful on this last day of 2008.  Lexi and Patty already snoring…I think
this will be the first time in 3 decades I’m going to sleep before midnight on
new years.  Hope to see more of each of you in 2009…
Love you guys, Lex
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>One was blue and red the other was brown and red?  I think we got them with
>the wagon wheel bunkbeds.