We went to the Tenaya Lodge in Fish Camp, CA, just south of Yosemite, and snowboarded at Badger Pass, base elevation 7200′.  Not as high as Grand Targhee (base 7,400′, top 10,000′, that’s where the video of Lex and Lex skiing is from)) or Baldy in Sun Valley (9,150′) but still exhilarating.  We left the lodge at 7AM, got to Badger Pass about 8:30, chains and slipping and sliding all the way.  The weather was perfect.  Susan and Aubrey are in the group of people at the bottom of the hill.
Stopped to shop in Mariposa on the way back, a lot like Ketchum Idaho, all the girls like that a lot.
The next time we’ll be skiing, too many sore butts.