A bunch of us had a great time at Jessica’s on Thanksgiving Day to enjoy family and some DELICIOUS food!!  Thoughts were with Mom and Aunt Marilyn’s family as we reminisced about being kids and going to Nana and Papa’s for the holiday dinner.

A LOT of attention was split between Gracie and her new cousin Scott Mark Bellville.  You could definitely  see the pride and joy on Amber and Marks faces – Mark seems to be a couple of inches taller these days, that chest of his seems to be quite puffed out as well!!

We missed our siblings, whom we know had a wonderful time in their homes – receiving emails, pictures and well wishes from David, Julie, John and Lex – John’s first t-day with his fabulous wife Marcella!!  Marcella was in a car wreck this week, but the reports are that she is ok! (We’re thinking of you Marcella!!)

Talk has it that we want to try to get ALL siblings out here to Chicago in August before school starts for a big reunion and pig roast.  Out of state folks – can you make it??

Here’s some pics from dinner…