Thanks to our cousins Susan and Peter, we are getting a glimpse into the Young Family past!! 

Here’s the latest, and Susan is promising more to come…

Susan J. Styx May 10 at 5:13pm 
Peter and I just got back from Boston and we were able to trace Grandpa Young’s family back to 1693 in France!!!!! We are working to pull it all together, but can hardly wait to share it with you and all your siblings. Grandpa Young’s name was Pierre Alexis Lejeune when he was born…..when he died, his name had been Americanized to Peter Alexis Young (Pierre (French) -> Peter (English) and Lejeune (French) -> Young (English). So much fun!! He also had 4 sisters all named Marie, so the entire family went by their middle name, that’s why Grandpa Young was called “Al” (also, his father’s name was Peter so I’m sure that helped cut down on the confusion within the family!) Can hardly wait to share more. Please let the rest of your siblings know. Love, Cousin Sue
Thanks Sue!!!
…and now with david added in!! =)