Here is some fantastic news from Jessica:

Good Morning friends and family,
We’d like to share some exciting news with all of you…..Yesterday was a wonderful day for the Juergens! Gracie is officially a big sister. After 14 months and 3 days of adoption waiting  we received “the call”!  We have accepted a referral for a beautiful baby boy. He was born on December 31, 2009 and is healthy. He was 7.5 pds at birth and weighed 16.5 pds at his 6/1 well-baby check up.
As many of you know, wait times from referral to ‘travel call’ are pretty lengthy right now. The earliest (due to the back up) that we will be able to travel will be Feb. But, it will more likely be late March or April.  In the meantime, our baby is being cared for by a loving foster mom and dad. He will check in with the agency monthly for medical check-ups and foster family updates.
Please pray for….
our little guy; that he continues to thrive and grow during this wait,
the wonderful foster family who is taking care of him during the wait,
and the birthmother who made a decision I can’t even fathom.
Thank you to all of you that have been so supportive during this long roller coaster of a wait. We know we have a ways to go with a different kind of wait but, we can’t even to begin to express the excitement we are feeling. I still feel like I’m going to pee (from excitement) and puke (from the surreal feeling).  Yippee!
Attached you will find a photo of Jackson Arthur Kim Juergens………and all of his cuteness!!!
After we celebrate this super Father’s Day Gift, we will update our blog with more info. Check it out if you’d like. I’m so far from a “good blogger” but, I do add things every now and then.
Also, for all my FB buddies, we’re not quite ready to throw this out there yet but, you know I can’t wait too long….soon enough.
Love you all! Enjoy your weekend.