Just a good post with great video from David to share again on Mothers Day 2011

Thanks again, David – for putting together another terrffic video motage of pictures from oh so long ago!! These are priceless and will live on for one heck of a long time!!

Thoughts go back to visiting with Nana and Papa every Christmas (I LOVED turning onto Gregory Street – not sure why! 😉  David brought up in a recent email the countless times we would smuggle cousin Teddy in the back of the station wagon trying to take him home with us. All of those pool games in the basement with all the knick-knacks Papa had down there.  The Christmas tree with the “boiling” lights.  Dad wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas to all the listeners on WGN on year.  And Aunt Marilyn contributing to the warmth in that wonderful house (on Meade, right?… Mellville??…oooh – just remembered Melvina!

We siblings need to get together again soon while we’re still standing!