Piano Man, er, baby…

I’m having a little too much fun going thru the videos from the past 30 years or so.  Came across this one with Ryan (age 1) showing his ivory tickling skills early on.  This was such a riot watching for the first time in over 20 years.


Who’s the horse?

One final clip (I think) from the reunion we had back in 1990 – this must be a prime reason why John’s back remains strong to this day!!

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Enjoy the clip!!!



Pillow Fight!!!

Here are Garrett and Rachel battling it out for hallway supremacy back in 1990. Tis was definitely one of the highlights of the get together!!

Thanksgiving Dinner – 2010


Jessica and Kirk outdid themselves once again this year, hosting many of us at their home.  We were missing our brother David and sister Julie (hey – be sure to send pics of your dinners to we can share!!!!), but were thrilled to get an email from Lex on Wednesday saying that he got a flight out of Spokane and was going to make it to dinner…YAY!!   We all watched some football, ate, talked a lot, ate, shared memories, ate, made new memories, ate, watched a little more football, ate – well, you get the idea!

Dad reads to the Grandkids…

Update from Jessica and Kirk’s blog…


We just got home from a wonderful week long vacation in Florida. It was so much more perfect than I could have asked for (a post on that soon) . I walked into the house all smiles, not thinking the week could get any better. But, oh was I wrong. I found waiting for us the most amazing surprise ending to this week….a 10 month progress report on Jackson that includes pictures!!

He is doing really well and measuring right on track for his age. His fav foods are rice, fruit, cheese and yogurt…so cute 🙂 He is already walking 1 to 2 steps and says “umma” (mamma).
In these pictures are the photo album, rob*ez and singing star we sent over in our first care package. I’m guessing all the clothes were still a little too big.
Isn’t he just the cutest?!? I love his little lips and how soft his skin looks. I so can’t wait until the day I get to hold this sweet little man.

York Commons Reunion 2010

Thanks to Julie for putting together a reunion in August at our old stomping grounds at York Commons.  The back of the house we had all grown up in didn’t look too much different then it did back in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s – the same certainly cannot be said for the pool and the neighborhood.  Lots of fun was had be everyone who made it – and we got the extra treat of seeing our cousins Michael Abraham and Bob Valencic – with Sherri, along with Jennifer Abraham and her husband Kourt.  Swimming and food led the way!!

Can’t wait to get all seven of us together again before one of us kicks the proverbial bucket!